The Alaska Cocktail

We bit the bullet and picked up that needed bottle of yellow Chartreuse this afternoon. Might as well continue our weekly $80 Total Wine spend I guess. Like the green version, the yellow Chartreuse is mint forward. While the green tastes a bit like toothpaste, the yellow has a slight fish quality about it. If

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Alabama Fizz

The Gin is Flow’n

We love Gin in our house. And admittedly, Ryan and I skipped a few pages weeks ago in search of new ways to enjoy our Gin No.6 blend. But Spring has sprung here in Las Vegas and while that brings lovely flowers, it sucks for seasonally allergies šŸ™ With that, I had been tardy keeping

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After Dinner Cocktail

Adventures with Apricot Nectar

As predicted our St. Paddy’s day celebrationĀ fun ate up the weekend and now that the Ginger Beer order is on it’s way to New York I can get back to drinking! These next two recipes took some digging to figure out what in the heck they meant by Apricot Nectar. Did they mean Apricot juice

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Alcohol Infusions - Adonis Cocktail & Affinity Cocktail Drink Post

Sherry and Vermouth and Bitters Oh My!

My only experience with Sherry has been through cooking. That being said, when the Adonis Cocktail called for Dry Sherry I had no idea where to start. Our first liquor stop didn’t carry any Sherry and having cooked with it before I figured Albertsons might have what I needed. Sure enough they offered several options

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Onto Page Two

Tonight we finished the last Absinthe recipe on the first page of Mr. Boston’s 1935 edition. Having enjoyed Absinthe since its reappearance to the US in the early 2000’s, Ryan and I usually stick to the traditional style of drinking Absinthe. I was surprised and delighted to see so many different recipes for Absinthe in

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Absinthe Cocktails Continued

As feared, I fell behind already!Ā I must admit the first two posts in this series were done a month ago šŸ™ Time to catch up and get some Absinthe drinking in. Following our Absinthe Cocktail, the Absinthe Drip Cocktail is next in line. Since this is the way we generally enjoy Absinthe, we didn’t need

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Bartender! Another Round Please

Unlike the Abbey Cocktail which holds theĀ number one position forĀ both the first and 63rd edition of Mr. Boston’s Official Bartenders Guide, the Absinthe Cocktail was nowhere to be found in theĀ 1988 version. Though Mr. Boston’s websiteĀ lists a version of the Absinthe Cocktail recipe, it is missing what I think is makes this a special drink…

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Mr. Boston's Abbey Cocktail

A Year of Cocktails

A copy of Mr. Boston Official Bartender’s Guide inspired what I hope will become this years blog series. Found in Ryan’s grandmothers pantry, the 63rdĀ edition published in 1988 holds 207 pages of cocktail recipes. I had dreamed on starting this cocktail adventureĀ at the first of the new year but alas we been recuperating from the

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