Cabaret Cocktail

The Cabaret Cocktail

This is Market Week for West Coast retail buyers. Ryan and I joined in on the festivities in the hopes of spying some interesting new knick knacks to feature on our website. The event is held in two locations. Thankfully only one venue opened its doors today. While exploring three, nine story buildings full of

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The Button Hook Cocktail

The Button Hook Cocktail will officially be our last recipe in the “B” section of Mr. Boston’s 1935 – YAY! It took roughly 100 blog entries to get this far, and there is more than 20 times further yet to go. I’m just proud to say that I’ve made it here without scrapping the idea.

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The Bull-Dog Highball

The mysteries continue with today’s Bull-Dog Highball. First published in Harry Craddock’s Savoy Cocktail Book circa 1930 as the Bull-Dog Cocktail (note the hyphen),  Leo Cotton saw fit to publish the same recipe as a Highball five years later.  Name aside, the two drinks are identical right down to the amount of ice to use, Put 2

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The Bulldog Cocktail

The oldest Bulldog Cocktail I could uncover was published in Hugo Ensslin’s 1917 manual ‘Recipes for Mixed Drinks’. As I combed the internet in search of history behind tonight’s recipe, I discovered that while Hugo and Leo Cotton agreed on the quantities of each spirit for the Bulldog, they did not agree on the spirit itself. World

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The Brunelle Cocktail

The Brunelle Cocktail

When I told Ryan that today’s Mr. Boston’s cocktail was a combination of equal parts lemon juice and Absinthe his “hell no” response was exactly what I thought when I read the recipe for the Brunelle. Before traveling out to New Orleans, I reached out to the Old Absinthe House in hopes that they would

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B.V.D. Cocktail made with Sailor Jerry's Spiced Rum

The Brown aka B.V.D. Cocktail

My high hopes to keep up with my Mr. Boston’s blogging were thwarted by all the amazing events at this years Tales of the Cocktail. While I had truly planned on taking an hour or two out of my day to share with you the wonders of the cocktail world, I also wanted to experience

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Bronx Terrace Cocktail

The Bronx Terrace Cocktail

The morning alarm is only 7:30 hours away so I’ll need to keep tonight’s post short and sweet so that I’m not a total zombie in New Orleans tomorrow. Mr. Boston’s final Bronx Cocktail is on the menu this evening. Consisting of Gin, French Vermouth and 1/2 the juice of a lime; the Bronx Terrace

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