The Claret Cup Cocktail from 1935

The Claret Cup

Last night left me so tired that I was unable to keep my eyes open long enough to share the Claret Cup with all of you. In fact, I was too tired to drink at all and found myself tucked into bed around 10 PM. That is highly unusual in our house 🙂 Ryan, Harvey

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Bitters Highball

The Bitters Highball

With all the Bitters options today, the options are endless for the Mr. Boston’s next recipe. The aptly named Bitters Highball is a really simple drink with a lot of character and barely any alcohol. In fact this 8 ounce drink only has .9% ABV – that is a basically a mock-tail. While the 1935

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The Beauty Spot Cocktail Done Two Ways

The 1914 Beauty Spot Cocktail

Many of the recipes we’ve tried thus far, have lasted the test of time. Others appear to have taken many years to evolve. Mr. Boston’s next recipe, The Beauty Spot Cocktail, seems to have taken yet another path. As our 1935 cocktail adventure continues, I have grown accustomed to consulting two older cocktail books before plunging

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The Around The World Cocktail

The Gin Decision

By some miracle we managed to get home before the sun went down yesterday. In fact we even had time for our nightly Mr. Boston cocktail (or 2 😉 ) As I hinted yesterday, last nights Around The World Cocktail* notes some strange ingredient combinations. Surprisingly after mixing up the Pineapple, Green Creme de Menthe

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The Apple Toddy Cocktail

The Three Hour Cocktail Bake

After a long work week, our poor 300 square foot kitchen looked as though a fraternity had thrown a raging party. The only difference is that the empty Fireball bottles, PBR cans and smattering of red solo cups had been replaced by pricey high proof spirits, shakers, jiggers and strainers. While a white tile counter

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Apple Pie Cocktail Mr. Boston's 1935 Recipe

The Apple Pie Cocktail, Hold the Apple

Mr. Boston’s is at it again! The next recipe is called The Apple Pie but the darn thing doesn’t use a lick of Apple Liquor. I’m beginning to wonder if Leo Cotton edited this book whilst perpetually drunk 🙂 Why is Apricot Nectar the main ingredient in a drink called Apple Pie? I’ve racked my

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The Mad Scientist Pumpkin Spice Rum Experiment

Like a modern day doctor Frankenstein, Ryan transformed my simple pumpkin spice infusion idea into a scientific experiment. After looking through a look-back at Halloween’s past blog post yesterday, I was inspired to do a special pumpkin spiced rum infusion. The funny thing is that it was a pumpkin Vodka infusion that actually started our love of

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The German Mule

If you like Apple Pie (and who doesn’t?) this Whiskey based mule cocktail is just want the doctor ordered. It is a desert in a copper mug with cinnamon, and apple notes to refresh and delight you.

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