The Mad Scientist Pumpkin Spice Rum Experiment

Like a modern day doctor Frankenstein, Ryan transformed my simple pumpkin spice infusion idea into a scientific experiment. After looking through a look-back at Halloween’s past blog post yesterday, I was inspired to do a special pumpkin spiced rum infusion. The funny thing is that it was a pumpkin Vodka infusion that actually started our love of

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Bootleg Botanicals Gin Making Experiment

The Gin Making Experiment

Many people don’t know this, but Gin is by definition, an alcoholic, juniper-flavored spirit made not via the re-distillation of botanicals, but by simply adding approved natural flavoring substances to a neutral spirit of agricultural origin. The predominant flavor being juniper. In simpler terms, Gin is a juniper berry infused neutral grain spirit. There are many

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A Lovely Night at Lavo

Tucked above the Lavo Italian Restaurant lies a Speakeasy style lounge. Located at the front of the Palazzo Casino, the restaurant offers a modern Italian decor and a bevy of classic dishes that smell absolutely incredible ~ particularly when making your way down stairs after a couple cocktails 😉 Ryan and I had the pleasure of visiting Lavo on

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