Mr. Boston's Abbey Cocktail

A Year of Cocktails

A copy of Mr. Boston Official Bartender’s Guide inspired what I hope will become this years blog series. Found in Ryan’s grandmothers pantry, the 63rd edition published in 1988 holds 207 pages of cocktail recipes. I had dreamed on starting this cocktail adventure at the first of the new year but alas we been recuperating from the

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The Mad Scientist Pumpkin Spice Rum Experiment

Like a modern day doctor Frankenstein, Ryan transformed my simple pumpkin spice infusion idea into a scientific experiment. After looking through a look-back at Halloween’s past blog post yesterday, I was inspired to do a special pumpkin spiced rum infusion. The funny thing is that it was a pumpkin Vodka infusion that actually started our love of

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Bootleg Botanicals Gin Making Experiment

The Gin Making Experiment

Many people don’t know this, but Gin is by definition, an alcoholic, juniper-flavored spirit made not via the re-distillation of botanicals, but by simply adding approved natural flavoring substances to a neutral spirit of agricultural origin. The predominant flavor being juniper. In simpler terms, Gin is a juniper berry infused neutral grain spirit. There are many

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Vodka Cranberry and Sprite Cocktail at Lavo

The Well Drink Quandary

Recently Ryan and I have able to check out some of Las Vegas’ hottest venues. To make the experience even better, many of the events have offered us free drinks to boot! Usually the free drinks being offered are Well, which is more than generous but does prove challenging from a creativity stand point. While

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Orgeat What?

It may sound funny to some mixologists out there but I only recently discovered Orgeat syrup. Sure I’ve had a Mai Tai in my day but not being a huge Rum fan, I’d never made one at home. It wasn’t until we started our ginger beer campaign on Kickstarter and began experimenting with various cocktail ideas

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Photo Credit: www.venetian.com

A Lovely Night at Lavo

Tucked above the Lavo Italian Restaurant lies a Speakeasy style lounge. Located at the front of the Palazzo Casino, the restaurant offers a modern Italian decor and a bevy of classic dishes that smell absolutely incredible ~ particularly when making your way down stairs after a couple cocktails 😉 Ryan and I had the pleasure of visiting Lavo on

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cock'n bull

9195 Sunset Blvd.

Past the Beverly Hills Country Club, among the wonderfully fragrant eucalyptus trees along Hollywood’s famous Sunset Blvd lies the location that brought to life the Moscow Mule cocktail. Today this Art Deco era building is now a Jaguar dealership. An aged brass sign fixed to the north side of the façade is the only indication

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