Classic Cocktail Vintage Recipe

The Classic Cocktail

A late night at the office and a bouncy puppy caused another delay with my Mr. Boston’s cocktail series. Lord knows this ought to get interesting as the holiday’s roll around. I hope everyone will forgive me it I need to take a night off here and there. Nightly blogging is quite the challenge! I

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the clover club cocktail

The Clover Club Cocktail

The Classic Cocktail required lemon juice. Sadly, we did not have another lemon in the house 🙁 In order to not take another zero day in the series, Ryan and I decided to skip over to the Clover Club Cocktail and revisit the Classic tomorrow. The earliest record I was able to locate for the

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The Claridge Cocktail

Despite sounding amazing, the Claridge Cocktail almost didn’t happen last night. Thankfully Ryan helped me out by mixing this lovely cocktail and taking the photos. Unfortunately, I was still feeling under the weather and couldn’t bring myself to write about the drink. Better late than never I guess. I cheated a little in researching this recipe and

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Claret Punch

Claret Punch

Trying to clean with an un-potty trained, teething puppy makes the process take 10 times longer. Attempting to write while teething puppy nips at you is nearly impossible! Harvey is lucky we love him so much 🙂 He is currently a category 3 hurricane. With all the distraction, I find myself getting around to tonight’s

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The Claret Cup Cocktail from 1935

The Claret Cup

Last night left me so tired that I was unable to keep my eyes open long enough to share the Claret Cup with all of you. In fact, I was too tired to drink at all and found myself tucked into bed around 10 PM. That is highly unusual in our house 🙂 Ryan, Harvey

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Claret Lemonade Recipe from 1935

The Claret Lemonade Recipe from 1935

Tonight’s Mr. Boston’s write up maybe shorter than normal because well… I’m exhausted! By the time we got around to mixing up the Claret Cup, I was already in my pajamas. This meant that making a trip to the grocery store was out of the question for the night. Being that I needed a pretty

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Rum and Hurricane Harvey

The Mr. Boston’s series was unexpectedly put on hold last week as Ryan and I made our way down to Houston. Without a plan of attack, we hopped into our car around 3 PM on Tuesday with the goal of helping the victims of Hurricane Harvey anyway we could. Along the 21 hour drive we

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Claret Cobbler

An Adult Slurpee, the Claret Cobbler

We’re experiencing unseasonably warm weather in Las Vegas. I’m sure that sounds funny to anyone who doesn’t live here but temperatures above 110 usually stop by the middle of August. The last few days have been warm enough for the National Weather service to issue excessive heat warnings if that says anything. After a hot

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Cider Egg Nogg

The Cider Egg Nogg

The Cider Egg Nogg almost didn’t make it again tonight. After a long day of cleaning mixed with an evening at a Smashmouth concert, we’re beat! Since I made a special trip to the store for that pesky milk, we muscled our way through the drink preparation. Getting that perfect egg foam is Ryan’s specialty

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The Circus Rickey

The Circus Rickey Cocktail

We didn’t have any milk in the house for tonight’s scheduled Mr. Boston’s recipe. Rather than getting dressed and standing in the lines at Albertson’s, I decided to do something I’ve tried hard to avoid… skip ahead. Rather than the last apple cider cocktail in the series, tonight we are trying out the Circus Rickey.

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