The Crystal Slipper Cocktail

The Crystal Slipper cocktail appears to have made its debut in Jacques Straub’s, “Drinks,” circa 1914. Surprisingly Leo Cotton kept the recipe in tact 21 years later. Now… I’m pretty sure that this vintage cocktail recipe was inspired by the tale of Cinderella. However, I’m not really sure whether it was due to the popularity

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The Creole Lady Cocktail

After returning from the store, the missing Madeira bottle appeared. Now we have two to work with! Turns out that the Creole Lady recipe published in my 1935 edition of Mr. Boston’s was altered. Harry Craddock posted a different version of this classic cocktail three years earlier. Naturally, the elder script did not need Madeira

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Pumpkin Eggnog Latte Cocktail

The Cowboy Cocktail

After two of these, you won’t even need a horse. Ride ’em cowboy! Cowboys were all the rage in the early days of the American West. Long before television and Clint Eastwood helped popularize the rough and tumble, Will Rodgers traveled the country with his Vaudeville show featuring, among other things, his cowboy inspired rope

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The Country Club Cocktail

The Country Club Cooler

The Country Club Cooler didn’t sound very interesting for a Fall evening. I’m certain my take might be different a couple months back when the temperature’s were about 100 but, timing was not on my side with tonight’s Mr. Boston’s cocktail recipe. This vintage drink appears to have first been published in 1914 by our

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The Corpse Reviver Cocktail

Raising the Dead with Three Corpse Reviver Cocktails

Just as the Bourbon Rickey experiment happened on National Whiskey Day, tonight’s Mr. Boston’s cocktail recipe, the Corpse Reviver, is aptly timed. With Halloween just around the corner, I was excited to see this creepy drink appear on the menu. The Corpse Reviver appears to have made its comeback a few years ago. However, after closer inspection, today’s

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Corn Popper Highball

The Corn Popper Highball

“Don’t get near a fire after drinking one of these!” This ominous warning from Judge Jr.’s ‘Here’s How’ circa 1928, starts tonight’s Corn Popper Cocktail off with a bang! How this particular refreshment gleaned it’s moniker seems pretty straight forward. Corn Whiskey has been an American staple for as long as the country has been in

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Cornell Cocktail

The Cornell Gin Cocktail

Turns out Jacques Straub was a teetotaller. At least according to an article published by Gary Gillman this April and Jacques’ own 1920 Obituary which noted that: “Notwithstanding Mr. Straub’s knowledge of wines and liquors, he never drank.” I discovered Mr. Straub’s rumored sobriety while looking for clues about tonight’s Mr. Boston’s cocktail, the Cornell. I had

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The Cordial Rickey Cocktail

The Cordial Rickey Cocktail

I can’t explain why, but for some reason I was procrastinating on today’s Mr. Boston’s recipe from 1935. The Cordial Rickey isn’t earth shaking and maybe I just wasn’t feeling inspired by the simple mixture of lime juice, carbonated water and cordial. Whatever the reason, today is the day I get back to work on

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