I have a question that I don’t see the answer to here.

Drop us a line at: info(at)bootlegbotanicals.com or go old school and give us a ring (702) 850-0808 – we’ll be happy to do our best in answering any questions you might have.

I’d like to carry your products in my store, who do I contact?

We are always happy to discuss a retail partnership and offer wholesale discounts on all of our products. If you are interested in learning more about our wholesale program please visit: www.bootlegbotanicals.com/wholesale and apply for an account to order in bulk securely online.

My order arrived damaged or is missing pieces, what do I do?

Shipping mishaps and human error happens from time to time. We insure all of our shipments for issues that may arise and are happy to re-ship a replacement item at no additional cost to you. Just contact us as soon as possible so that we can get you what you need to be up and running in no time.

I don’t like the flavor of my infusion. What can I do?

We understand that not all flavors will be everyone’s favorite. If you simply hate the taste of your infusion just let us know. We are happy to send you another flavor to try out. Just contact us and we’ll get a new blend into the mail ASAP.

Unfortunately, once you have used our product we cannot refund your order. If you have changed your mind after receiving one of our products we can accept a return on the unopened, unused product within 30 days of purchase less any shipping cost. VERY IMPORTANT: You must contact us to obtain an RMA number before shipping any product back. We will not be able to refund any orders returned without an RMA number. If any order arrives back to our warehouse without an RMA number we reserve the right to impose a 20% restocking fee in addition to the deduction of shipping charges. Orders returned must be in their original condition including any wrapping paper.

How much liquor does one vial of spices make?

Each vial of spices for our Cinnamon, Old Fashioned and Java Jive, or 2 vials in the case of Absinthe, make 500 ml of finished liquor. Most bottles of alcohol are sold in quantities of 750 ml. Both of our Gins make up to 1 liter of finished spirits despite their smaller appearance.

My Java Jive doesn’t have a strong enough coffee flavor for me. What can I do?

Lengthening your infusion time may increase the strength of flavor. While we have suggested a time we think creates a good flavor profile, it’s a good idea to always taste throughout the process so that you get what you want. Keep in mind that the taste will mellow with time. If the flavor isn’t strong enough be sure to infuse a little longer until you’re happy.  If after infusing you still want more coffee, add your favorite freshly ground roasted coffee and let it steep a while. We suggest trying this out using only a couple of ounces rather than possibly tainting the whole batch to be safe.

Why not just buy a bottle of finished Cinnamon Whiskey?

To us, commercial Cinnamon Whiskey tastes like candy. That isn’t really a good thing in our opinion. The syrupy, artificial flavor just isn’t our thing. Our Some Like it Hot Cinnamon Whiskey is unlike any Cinnamon Whiskey you will find commercially. First off, it is comprised only of organic ingredients. No propylene glycol here folks. It tastes like fresh cinnamon, not Fireball candies. We intentionally leave it lightly sweetened so that you can adjust for your flavor preferences. That lack of sweetness can be a bit dry in the mouth. Adding more sugar will reduce the dryness considerably.

My Cinnamon Whiskey infusion is gloopy, has it gone bad?

We couldn’t tell you why, but for some reason the chemical reaction of the cinnamon, grains of paradise and alcohol creates this gloopiness that is a bit disturbing if you don’t expect it. It is also perfectly normal and won’t affect the flavor of your homemade Cinnamon Whiskey. Once you filter your infusion all the gloopiness will be gone.

How do I enjoy my Old Fashioned Infusion when it’s done?

Once your infusion is prepared, we find it most enjoyable over ice and sometimes with a splash of water. You could also try fancying it up with a cherry and some muddled orange but part of the beauty of infusing a bottle of ready-to-go Old Fashioned is that you don’t have to do all that work if you don’t want to.

You could also try it with some champagne. Al Capone’s favorite drink was said to be Templeton Rye, Bitters and champagne which at its core is an Old Fashioned with bubbles.

Another great option is our Old Mule Cocktail recipe found here.

What type of Whiskey would you suggest for the Old Fashioned blend?

The beautiful part about infusing your own liquor is that you have control over which liquor you use but we’re happy to lend a little advice for those of you who might not know where to begin.

Like any food, taste is subjective and will greatly vary from person to person. Over the last couple years of infusing we’ve discovered a few things about our personal preferences. Your preferences may vary.

Strangely enough, we have found that lower end alcohol tends to produce a better result. We’re not taking about using bottom shelf per se but somewhere in the middle is a good start. For our Old Fashioned blend we really like a nice Rye Whiskey. Bourbon also works well but for one reason or another the Rye really works for us. One of our personal favorites is George Dickel Rye. We also enjoy Old Forester, Bulliet and Dickel No.12 for the Old Fashioned Cocktail blend.  When we started our infusing adventure we thought you had to use a really high proof to get all the flavor out of the spices but after some experimenting we’ve found that isn’t necessarily true. Wild Turkey 101 works well but it’s a bit rough going down. We wouldn’t suggest Maker’s Mark for this blend as it tends to be slightly spicy.

What makes your Gin kit different from others on the market?

We haven’t tried any of the other Gin kits available so it is difficult to say first hand. What we can say is that we use only organic ingredients that we grind, blend and package in-house at peak freshness. We believe that grinding the ingredients allows the spices to infuse faster and create a full flavor palette. We pride ourselves on only using the highest-quality ingredients to provide you with the greatest infusing experience.

Don’t all Gin’s taste like trees?

The main ingredient in any Gin is Juniper berries. They come off of Juniper trees and in large quantities can taste like sucking on an Evergreen forest. But not all Gin’s have to taste like trees. In fact our Bathtub Gin No.6 contains a wide variety of other organic herbs and spices that give way to a botanical Gin that is far from tasting like a sap stick. If you prefer a traditional Gin our No.9 is a perfect pairing with tonic. Both Gin options allow you to tailor to your taste preferences giving you the control over how earthy your homemade Gin becomes.

Didn’t Bathtub Gin make you go blind?

During Prohibition desperate imbibers threw all types of disturbing ingredients into their liquor with the hopes of making the swill available taste better. Most of the ingredients used were found in the drug stores of the time and used for cosmetic purposes. One the most popular, a Juniper hair tonic undoubtedly gave Bathtub Gin its humble start. By throwing who knows how many harmful chemicals into an already poorly manufactured alcohol, it is no surprise people of the time suffered a wide variety of physical ailments as a result.

Why isn’t my Gin clear?

Clear Gin requires the distillation process which strips out the color and also a lot of the flavor along the way. Our Gin kits allow you to hand brew what is known as Compound Gin. By infusing neutral grain spirits rather than distilling them, you create a much more flavorful Gin just as they did during the days of Prohibition without the harmful ingredients. Your Gin won’t be clear but it will definitely taste great and we think that’s the best part.

What is the traditional way to drink Absinthe?

The traditional way to enjoy Absinthe is by combining 1 ounce of Absinthe with 3-5 ounces of ice cold water. The ritual is to add 1 ounce of Absinthe to a stemmed glass or better yet a Pontarlier glass. Place a slotted Absinthe spoon atop the glass with one sugar cube and slowly drip 3-5 ounces of ice cold water over the sugar cube into the Absinthe until the cube has fully dissolved. By now the drink should have louched. Use the Absinthe spoon to stir everything together and enjoy!

My Absinthe infusion looks like swamp water, what am I doing wrong?

It is perfectly natural for your Absinthe infusion to look a bit muddy during the infusion process. Depending on the proof of neutral grain spirits you have chosen to infuse, your finished Absinthe may appear more or less green. When using a spirit under 170 proof the Star Pod Anise will release faster creating more of a brownish red hue. This is normal and will taste delicious but may not create the bright green tone you desire. The green hues are created through the infusion of our vial no.2 ingredients which release the chlorophyll and add grassy notes to the finished product. We suggest infusing based on your flavor preferences and not in the hopes of creating the perfect color.

Why does my Absinthe infusion turn milky when water is added?

The milky effect created when water is added to Absinthe is called Louching and is one of the reasons Absinthe is such a unique drink. At its base level the cloudiness is caused by a chemical reaction of the water mixing with the Anise oils found in the Absinthe. This reaction is so strong that the temperature of your Absinthe will actually increase which is why it is very important to mix Absinthe with ice cold water only.

Does Absinthe make you hallucinate?

The old myths of green fairies and manic hallucinations due to Absinthe consumption have been proven false with the help of modern science. The chemical found in Grand Wormwood or Artemisia absinthium called Thujone was historically linked to stories and incidents which caused a worldwide ban of Absinthe at the turn of the century.  This ban remained in effect for 100 years until science discovered that the problem was high alcohol content and consumption not the wormwood.

The long and the short is, no, Absinthe does not make you hallucinate. If you drink too much of any high proof spirit chances are you’ll be seeing all sorts of mythical creatures along the way. The effects of drinking Absinthe are not any different than indulging in a 151 proof Rum or 101 Whiskey. When prepared properly, Absinthe is a smooth, delicious anise flavored aperitif and the only fairy you are likely to experience is the one released during the louching process.

How much Thujone content is in your Absinthe Infusion?

Contrary to historical belief, Thujone has been scientifically proven not to cause hallucinations. The amount of Thujone content within your finished Absinthe infusion would depend on the length of time the tea bag of Grand Wormwood provided in vial no.2 is infused. Grand Wormwood creates a very bitter flavor if infused for too long and we highly suggest only infusing based on taste preferences and not to increase Thujone content.

Why is does my Absinthe look brown instead of green?

The proof of the alcohol used to infuse your Absinthe botanical’s will determine how much of each spice is infused and at what rate. The lower the proof, the faster the oils from the Star Pod Anise are extracted. This will result in a richer licorice flavor but will also bring out the spices natural reddish-brown hue. The strength of the Anise color can compete with the green hue that is added by infusing your second vial of Absinthe herbs but it is totally normal.

The recipe included with your Absinthe infusion spices has been designed to make a well balance Absinthe infusion without sacrificing flavor for color. If color is your primary focus you can infuse the Absinthe infusion spices at the full strength 190 proof to really bring out the green but the liquors flavor palette may not as desired.

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