Prohibition Era Cocktail Recipes

Cherry Blossom Cocktail

The original 1930’s Cherry Blossom needed a bit of tweaking, but once it was upgraded the finished cocktail is to die…

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Beauty Spot Cocktail -1914

Published in Jacques Straub’s 1914 cocktail book Drinks, this is the best rendition of the Beauty Spot Cocktail we’ve tried thus…

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Amer Boudreau

Jamie Boudreau spent a lot of time developing a replacement for Amer Picon, a French liqueur no longer available in North…

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A true classic of the Prohibition era, The Sidecar cocktail is an easy, yet sophisticated drink. Sharing is caring...FacebookPinterestTwitterYummlyemail

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Mai Tai

A classic tropical Rum cocktail. A couple of these and you’ll be dancing the Hula in no time! Sharing is…

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A prohibition era cousin of the Mojito cocktail, The Southside is one Gin drink that anyone can enjoy! This cocktail is…

(4.1 / 5)
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