Bourbon Rickey

Bourbon Highball and Rickey

My novice is about to show but we’re all friends right? Until last night I always assumed that a highball cocktail was in relation to the type of glass it was served in. Highball glassware is a pretty standard term. I mean, there is a low ball and a highball style of glass that are

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The Blinker Cocktail

We returned home from a visit to Indio, CA with a bag full of homegrown Grapefruits. At the time I thought I’d be trying these beauties in a cocktail sooner rather than later. They have been tucked away in the back of our refrigerator since February. You read that right, they are more than 5

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The Black Hawk Cocktail

I feel as though I’m unintentionally putting myself through cocktail academy with this Mr. Boston’s experiment. With every new drink, I discover a historically important piece of cocktail knowledge. A bartender I hadn’t yet discovered or a book that I never knew existed. This is definitely not what I anticipated from my little blog series. The Black

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Cracking the Whiskey Code

The Approve Cocktail gave Ryan and I another chance at the drink which became a swampy mess a few days ago. In fact the only difference between the Appetizer No. 3 and last nights Mr. Boston’s recipe is the quantities of the three ingredients. Like the No. 3, the Approve Cocktail consists of “Old Mr.

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