the coronation cocktail

The Coronation Cocktail

Normally thought of as the closest place to find a brothel near Las Vegas, I would not have guessed that Pahrump was home to a vineyard. Moreover, I wouldn’t have thought a Desert winery would be any good. Turns out I was wrong. Ryan and I discovered Pahrump Valley Winery on a day excursion when

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Classic Cocktail Vintage Recipe

The Classic Cocktail

A late night at the office and a bouncy puppy caused another delay with my Mr. Boston’s cocktail series. Lord knows this ought to get interesting as the holiday’s roll around. I hope everyone will forgive me it I need to take a night off here and there. Nightly blogging is quite the challenge! I

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the clover club cocktail

The Clover Club Cocktail

The Classic Cocktail required lemon juice. Sadly, we did not have another lemon in the house 🙁 In order to not take another zero day in the series, Ryan and I decided to skip over to the Clover Club Cocktail and revisit the Classic tomorrow. The earliest record I was able to locate for the

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The Casino Cocktail

Old Tom Gin and the Casino Cocktail

The oldest recipe for tonight’s Casino Cocktail that I could uncover was published in Hugo Ensslin’s 1917 ‘Recipes for Mixed Drinks’. Calling specifically for Old Tom Gin, I decided to grab a bottle during our liquor run yesterday. Ryan and I have not had the pleasure of trying an Old Tom style Gin yet and

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