The Crystal Slipper Cocktail

The Crystal Slipper cocktail appears to have made its debut in Jacques Straub’s, “Drinks,” circa 1914. Surprisingly Leo Cotton kept the recipe in tact 21 years later. Now… I’m pretty sure that this vintage cocktail recipe was inspired by the tale of Cinderella. However, I’m not really sure whether it was due to the popularity

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The Cordial Rickey Cocktail

The Cordial Rickey Cocktail

I can’t explain why, but for some reason I was procrastinating on today’s Mr. Boston’s recipe from 1935. The Cordial Rickey isn’t earth shaking and maybe I just wasn’t feeling inspired by the simple mixture of lime juice, carbonated water and cordial. Whatever the reason, today is the day I get back to work on

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three cordial cocktails

The Cordial Cocktail

Today’s Mr. Boston’s recipe brought up one important question… what the heck is a cordial? When one ventures down the cordial aisle at Total Wine you are likely to find all that is sweet in the liquor world. Most of the offerings are fruit based but this special section also includes various chocolate liqueurs, Curacao

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Claret Cobbler

An Adult Slurpee, the Claret Cobbler

We’re experiencing unseasonably warm weather in Las Vegas. I’m sure that sounds funny to anyone who doesn’t live here but temperatures above 110 usually stop by the middle of August. The last few days have been warm enough for the National Weather service to issue excessive heat warnings if that says anything. After a hot

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Blue Moon Cocktail from Hugo Ensslin's 1917 recipe

Not So Blue Moon Cocktail

As I continue through Mr. Boston’s 1935 cocktail book, I’m finding that there is a lot of misinformation floating around the drink world. On the heels of the Aviation mistaken Blue Devil, comes yet another recipe many bloggers misdescribe. The Blue Moon doesn’t appear to have much history behind it. It is however, another blue

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Mr. Boston's Blue Devil Cocktail

The Blue Devil Cocktail

After the excitement of last night’s Blue Blazer Cocktail, today’s Mr. Boston’s recipe seem lack luster by¬†comparison. I couldn’t find any history about the Blue Devil Cocktail though, there are many variations on the recipe floating around¬†the web. Ranging from tropical fruit juice, Rum and blue Curacao drinks to re-imaginations of the Aviation Cocktail, the

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The Atty Cocktail

A Tale of Two Cremes

Before embarking on this Mr. Boston’s journey, we had never heard of Creme Yvette. Given the recent popularity of the Aviation Cocktail, we had been aware of Creme de Violette for sometime but it was not until I started researching all of the liquor variants needed that I discovered that the two Creme’s are actually

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