Corn Popper Highball

The Corn Popper Highball

“Don’t get near a fire after drinking one of these!” This ominous warning from Judge Jr.’s ‘Here’s How’ circa 1928, starts tonight’s Corn Popper Cocktail off with a bang! How this particular refreshment gleaned it’s moniker seems pretty straight forward. Corn Whiskey has been an American staple for as long as the country has been in

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Cornell Cocktail

The Cornell Gin Cocktail

Turns out Jacques Straub was a teetotaller. At least according to an article published by Gary Gillman this April and Jacques’ own 1920 Obituary which noted that: “Notwithstanding Mr. Straub’s knowledge of wines and liquors, he never drank.” I discovered Mr. Straub’s rumored sobriety while looking for clues about tonight’s Mr. Boston’s cocktail, the Cornell. I had

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The Clover Leaf Cocktail from 1935

I have the best husband in the world! To commemorate my Mr. Boston’s series, Ryan found and purchased me a first edition print of my 1935 cocktail book. My book arrived today in near perfect condition. Any imperfections this 82 year old book has appear to be the result of the way books were printed

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Cafe' de Paris Cocktail

A Night in London, The Cafe’ de Paris Cocktail

After opening it’s doors in 1924, London’s Cafe’ de Paris became ” one of the most famous entertainment venues in the world.” One particular customer, the Prince of Wales (Edward VIII), helped introduce the crème de la crème of high society to the venue and the rest is history. Tonight’s Mr. Boston’s recipe was also published in Harry Craddock’s Savoy Cocktail

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The Brandy Flip Cocktail

17th Century Brandy Flip

Today’s Mr. Boston’s recipe, the Brandy Flip, is all over the place. While I think the name was originally intended to describe the preparation of the drink, the amount of flip flopping this cocktail recipe has undergone over the years is impressive! I did my best to delve into the Flip before my morning coffee

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Booster Cocktail

Booster Cocktail

I had no idea there were so many articles proclaiming the health benefits of drinking until I started researching today’s Mr. Boston’s recipe. Articles abound listing which alcohol will help increase your libido, which can help your heart, even one that claims Brandy can treat certain types of cancer. Old wives tales? Maybe, but I suppose

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The Bird of Paradise Cocktail

Bird of Paradise Cocktail

After today, I need a drink! It was a whirlwind day to get a unseasonably large order out by 4 PM. Thankfully, we made it in just the nick of time! Unfortunately, my adrenaline is still pumping from the chaos and making it hard to write today. If this is a preview of the holiday

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The Beauty Spot Cocktail Done Two Ways

The 1914 Beauty Spot Cocktail

Many of the recipes we’ve tried thus far, have lasted the test of time. Others appear to have taken many years to evolve. Mr. Boston’s next recipe, The Beauty Spot Cocktail, seems to have taken yet another path. As our 1935 cocktail adventure continues, I have grown accustomed to consulting two older cocktail books before plunging

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Mr. Boston's Bachelor's Bait Cocktail 1935

The Bachelor’s Bait Cocktail

I was more intrigued by the name for the next Mr. Boston’s recipe than the ingredients. There is something a little nefarious about the title, Bachelor’s Bait. Was the drink intended to help capture a bachelor or was it a way for bachelor’s to attract a mate? At first it made the most sense to me that

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