three cordial cocktails

The Cordial Cocktail

Today’s Mr. Boston’s recipe brought up one important question… what the heck is a cordial? When one ventures down the cordial aisle at Total Wine you are likely to find all that is sweet in the liquor world. Most of the offerings are fruit based but this special section also includes various chocolate liqueurs, Curacao

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The Cognac Highball

The Cognac Highball Cocktail

Our first taste of the impending Holiday rush overtook my Mr. Boston’s blog series. I expected this might happen but, I didn’t anticipate missing so many days in a row 🙁 The #holidayseason is officially underway! 40 feet of glass just arrived today. A post shared by Bootleg Botanicals (@bootlegbotanicals) on Sep 24, 2017 at

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The Cablegram Cocktail

The Cablegram Whiskey Cocktail

We had way too much fun sharing our Ginger Beer over at the Summer Market last night. So much fun that I did not get around to making up Mr. Boston’s 1935 Cablegram Highball 🙁 Market Week continues through Wednesday and Ryan is itching to start exploring. As a result, I’ll be drinking my Cablegram with

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The Bull-Dog Highball

The mysteries continue with today’s Bull-Dog Highball. First published in Harry Craddock’s Savoy Cocktail Book circa 1930 as the Bull-Dog Cocktail (note the hyphen),  Leo Cotton saw fit to publish the same recipe as a Highball five years later.  Name aside, the two drinks are identical right down to the amount of ice to use, Put 2

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The Brandy Highball

Brandy Highball

Another day, another Highball cocktail! I admit it, I’m getting bored with the Brandy. But it looks like after today’s low-ABV recipe the drinks get a bit more lively – YAY! On par with the other Highball recipes that have graced Mr. Boston’s 1935 cocktail book, the Brandy version offers the choice of mixing 1

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Bourbon Rickey

Bourbon Highball and Rickey

My novice is about to show but we’re all friends right? Until last night I always assumed that a highball cocktail was in relation to the type of glass it was served in. Highball glassware is a pretty standard term. I mean, there is a low ball and a highball style of glass that are

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Bitters Highball

The Bitters Highball

With all the Bitters options today, the options are endless for the Mr. Boston’s next recipe. The aptly named Bitters Highball is a really simple drink with a lot of character and barely any alcohol. In fact this 8 ounce drink only has .9% ABV – that is a basically a mock-tail. While the 1935

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Applejack Extravaganza

Unlike yesterday’s recipe which lacked apple liquor, page 22 of Mr. Boston’s 1935 edition is chock-full with orchard goodness. All four recipes involve a spirit that is relatively new to us but apparently it was very popular with our forefathers. We didn’t know what to expect from Applejack, and honestly this wasn’t a page I looked

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