Red, White, & Boozy Pop Rock Bushwacker Cream Cocktail

Bushwacker Cream Cocktail: 4th of July

This 4th of July, spark your celebrations with the vibrant flavors of Bushwacker Rum Cream. Grab your patriotic pals and family members, and embrace the spirit of freedom with these refreshing concoctions! Dive into our signature recipe for the 4th of July with our Pop Rock Bushwacker Cocktail.

Introducing the Bushwacker 4th of July Pop Rock Bushwacker Cocktail by Maija Johnson. For more information on Bushwacker Spirits and their Bushwacker Coconut Rum Cream RTD cocktail, visit


  • 3 oz of Bushwacker Rum Cream
  • 2 oz Raspberry liquor
  • 1 packet of Blue Razz Pop Rocks
  • 1 packet of Strawberry Pop Rocks
  • 1 Lime wedge


  • Fill a shaker with ice and add Bushwacker Rum Cream, and Raspberry Liquor.


  • Spread Pop Rocks out on a plate.


  • Cut a slit across the lime wedge and slide it around the rim of your glass and dip the glass into lime juice then into Pop Rocks.


  • Fill the glass half full with ice and strain the Bushwacker mixture into the glass.

    Share the joy of freedom with a delightful taste of Bushwacker Rum Cream and make unforgettable memories with the assistance of Bushwacker Spirits! Bushwacker Coconut Rum Cream is 17% ABV, and is currently available in 18 states and Puerto Rico. 




5 ounces

Glass Style:




Pro Tip:

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Measurements & Terms

  • Pony = 1 fluid ounce
  • Typical “shot” = 1-1/2 fluid ounces
  • Jigger = 1-1/2 fluid ounces
  • Bar Spoon = 5 ML or 1 Teaspoon
  • Splash / Dash = Approx. 1/4 Teaspoon
  • Dram = 1/8 fluid ounce