Cooperstown Cocktail 1917

Cooperstown Cocktail 1917

In 1917, Tom Bullock published his cocktail book ‘The Ideal Bartender’. Tucked away on page 31 is tonight’s Mr. Boston’s recipe, the Coopertown Cocktail. I searched high and low for any clue as to how this drink garnered its name. While Cooperstown, NY is credited as the birthplace of baseball and is now the home

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Club Cocktail

The Club Cocktail

Aside from the Clover Club recipe, the oldest references to a “Club” Cocktail I was able to uncover, were found in Hon WM Boothby’s 1908 “World’s Drinks and How to Mix Them.” The drinks outlined by Mr. Boothby were in relation to specific club activities such as the Racquet Club . Each recipe was also

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The Clover Leaf Cocktail from 1935

I have the best husband in the world! To commemorate my Mr. Boston’s series, Ryan found and purchased me a first edition print of my 1935 cocktail book. My book arrived today in near perfect condition. Any imperfections this 82 year old book has appear to be the result of the way books were printed

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the clover club cocktail

The Clover Club Cocktail

The Classic Cocktail required lemon juice. Sadly, we did not have another lemon in the house 🙁 In order to not take another zero day in the series, Ryan and I decided to skip over to the Clover Club Cocktail and revisit the Classic tomorrow. The earliest record I was able to locate for the

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The Claridge Cocktail

Despite sounding amazing, the Claridge Cocktail almost didn’t happen last night. Thankfully Ryan helped me out by mixing this lovely cocktail and taking the photos. Unfortunately, I was still feeling under the weather and couldn’t bring myself to write about the drink. Better late than never I guess. I cheated a little in researching this recipe and

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Claret Lemonade Recipe from 1935

The Claret Lemonade Recipe from 1935

Tonight’s Mr. Boston’s write up maybe shorter than normal because well… I’m exhausted! By the time we got around to mixing up the Claret Cup, I was already in my pajamas. This meant that making a trip to the grocery store was out of the question for the night. Being that I needed a pretty

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Claret Cobbler

An Adult Slurpee, the Claret Cobbler

We’re experiencing unseasonably warm weather in Las Vegas. I’m sure that sounds funny to anyone who doesn’t live here but temperatures above 110 usually stop by the middle of August. The last few days have been warm enough for the National Weather service to issue excessive heat warnings if that says anything. After a hot

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cider cup no.1 cocktail

The Cider Cup No.1 from 1935

It appears that the Cider Cocktail received an overhaul during Prohibition. Once a simple recipe of sugar, bitters, lemon peel and Apple Cider; it appears that Harry MacElhone “spiced” things up around 1923. Leo Cotton continues in this vain with his Cider Cocktail No.1 recipe from 1935. I’ve heard rumors that apple Cider served as

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Chrysanthemum Cocktail 1917 Recipe

Chrysanthemum Cocktail from 1917

Benedictine is our jam. Ryan and I are both big fans of this particular herbaceous spirit and were very excited to see it play a starring role in tonight’s Mr. Boston’s recipe, the Chrysanthemum Cocktail. Sticking with the 1917 recipe originally published by Hugo Ensslin, Leo Cotton’s 1935 Chrysanthemum is different from any of the

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Chocolate Cocktail Recipe from 1914

The No Cocoa, Chocolate Cocktail

Given the difficulty to find a brandy distilled from Blackberries, I almost nixed the Mr. Boston’s recipe in favor of Harry Craddock’s Chocolate Cocktail. I’m really glad I didn’t. Five years before Leo Cotton published the first Mr. Boston’s Bartenders Guide, Harry Craddock put out a Chocolate Cocktail recipe that included chocolate. Naturally, this seemed

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