Brandy Daisy Cocktail

The Brandy Daisy

The Brandy continues to flow… umm, maybe that should be more like flood. We are entering day six of this spirit with no end in sight. Over the next 17 days (that’s right nearly a month long Brandy feast!) Ryan and I will be drinking our way through: Daisy’s, Egg Nogg, Fix, Fizz, Flip, Gump’s, Highball’s,

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Brandy Crusta Cocktail

The Brandy Crusta

Maybe it’s the heat, but for some reason I’m having trouble sitting down to write today. It’s funny since my brain tries constructing my posts just as I’m about to fall asleep at night. After hours of tossing and turning trying to shut down the noise in my head, I wake up and have forgotten

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Brandy Collins Cocktail

Meet Tom Collins’ Wife, Brandy

All these years I assumed the Tom Collins cocktail was named after a person. Turns out it was all a hoax! Two years before the cocktail Collins was published in Jerry Thomas’ 1876 book, men throughout the U.S. were in search of the man who had been talking smack about them at the local bar. No

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The Brandy Cocktail - Mr. Boston's 1935

The Brandy Cocktail

There isn’t anything earth shattering about today’s Mr. Boston’s cocktail recipe other than it earned a name as “the” Brandy Cocktail. That has to count for something, right? Fearing I wouldn’t have much to talk about with this drink, I spent my afternoon carefully entering all the Tales of the Cocktail events into my Outlook

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The Brandy Cobbler Cocktail

The Brandy Cobbler

Today’s cocktail is perfect for the Vegas heat! It’s the first day to reach 113° F and a fruity, ice filled drink is what I’m craving 🙂 Beside the dessert and shoe repair professional, I was unaware of the Cobbler style cocktail. To my surprise, there is an entire category of Cobbler recipes listed in

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Brandy Blazer Cocktail

Fire and alcohol make an encore with the Brandy Blazer Cocktail. But, unlike the magnificent Blue Blazer, this alcoholic beverage is not intended to be tossed about. Instead, I believe the flames are meant to be more practical and less flair. Plus, I don’t think the lower proofed St Remy VSOP Brandy would be able to

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The Brainstorm Cocktail

The Brainstorm Cocktail

With a name like Brainstorm, I expected today’s Mr. Boston’s cocktail to honor a famous inventor. After conducting my daily vintage cocktail book hunt, the oldest version I could find was in Hugo Ensslin’s 1917 ‘Recipes for Mixed Drinks.’ With great enthusiasm I set off to see what else could be found online. Many of the

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Bourbon Rickey

Bourbon Highball and Rickey

My novice is about to show but we’re all friends right? Until last night I always assumed that a highball cocktail was in relation to the type of glass it was served in. Highball glassware is a pretty standard term. I mean, there is a low ball and a highball style of glass that are

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The Boston Side Car Cocktail

Cointreau is sweet. The Serbian Apricot Brandy we have is not. Sure, it’s fruit forward but definitely not sweet. When I flipped over to page 34 of Mr. Boston’s 1935 cocktail book, the Boston Side Car recipe that stared back at me did not excite. In fact, truthfully it didn’t even sound good. Don’t get

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