Mr. Boston's Blue Devil Cocktail

The Blue Devil Cocktail

After the excitement of last night’s Blue Blazer Cocktail, today’s Mr. Boston’s recipe seem lack luster by comparison. I couldn’t find any history about the Blue Devil Cocktail though, there are many variations on the recipe floating around the web. Ranging from tropical fruit juice, Rum and blue Curacao drinks to re-imaginations of the Aviation Cocktail, the

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Bloodhound Cocktail

After defrosting three frozen strawberries, muddling them, adding in equal parts French / Italian Vermouth and 3/4 ounce of Gin; my Bloodhound Cocktail looks like a scene from CSI! Seriously, this is one of the least appetizing concoctions I’ve seen thus far in Mr. Boston’s 1935 cocktail book. The instructions for the Bloodhound are pretty

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