Boston Cocktail

Jun 11, 2017

Luggage shopping for our trip to New Orleans next month, took all day long. As a result, it is almost the end of Sunday and I’m just getting to today’s Mr. Boston’s recipe ๐Ÿ™

My original hope was to try out two Boston titled cocktails tonight. After quickly reading the ingredients I decided that I’ll save that one for tomorrow.

The Boston Cocktail doesn’t call for anything I’d associate with Massachusetts. I’ve never had the pleasure of visiting Boston yet so I suppose I don’t know for sure.

I believe that this cocktail may have been intended as Mr. Boston’s signature drink. Aside from Grenadine and fresh squeezed lemon juice, the liquor requirements are all from Mr. Boston’s line. Not much else seems to exist about this one and I wasn’t able to uncover any other recipes for it.

While I’ve queried as to whether Apricot Nectar was a big seller or not in the past, the Boston Cocktail makes me think the former is true. It appears to be the most used spirit of the book along side Mr. Boston’s Dry Gin which is the other liquor called for in tonight’s drink.

The recipe is quite basic, simply mix equal 1/3 ounce pours of each ingredient; shake over ice and strain into a 3 ounce cocktail glass. The result was quite nice!

This one reminded me of Hawaiian Punch. The Apricot, Lemon and Grenadine are fruity and the juniper notes of the Gin add flare. Both Ryan and I really enjoyed the Boston Cocktail after a long day running errands. It leads itself to the sweeter side of the cocktail world, inline withย a Tiki drink.

Hopefully I’ve find more in depth stories for tomorrow night’s Boston Cooler. I feel terrible for not having more to share this evening but I’m pretty exhausted. Now I think it’s time to say goodnight ๐Ÿ™‚ Have a wonderful Monday!