A Lovely Night at Lavo

Aug 28, 2016

Tucked above the Lavo Italian Restaurant lies a Speakeasy style lounge.

Located at the front of the Palazzo Casino, the restaurant offers a modern Italian decor and a bevy of classic dishes that smell absolutely incredible ~ particularly when making your way down stairs after a couple cocktails 😉

Ryan and I had the pleasure of visiting Lavo on two occasions this year. Both visits took us immediately upstairs to the Casino Club but after smelling the food, we’ll probably be back to splurge sometime soon.

After checking in with at the front of the venue and trading ID’s for a stamps on the wrist, you are lead up a flight of stairs into a glass hallway flanked by stone bathroom sinks that are all flowing water from their faucets but seem to have an invisible drain. The lighting is low with a hint of candle light glow from the dining room below.

Photo Credit: https://galleries.avroko.com/projects/lavo/

Photo Credit: https://galleries.avroko.com/projects/lavo/

At the end of the hall is another set of stairs. It seems a bit of a dangerous way for tipsy visitors to leave at the end of the night but the wall decor and grandfather clock lining the stairwell offers a nice ambiance as you make your way into the club.

Neither Ryan or I are much for the typical Vegas club scene so these visits around the various casino venues are rare. Many trips have taken place out of curiosity and usually by invitation from an event we happen to be attending at the Convention Center. Over the past couple years we’ve explored several popular clubs along the Las Vegas Strip but by far Lavo is my personal favorite.

Maybe its the quaint setting or perhaps the vintage vibe it portrays but Lavo is very different from the other clubs we’ve visited. Comfy sofa’s and antique chairs offer quaint sitting areas to have a chat without competing with blown out music. Unlike any other clubs we’ve experienced in Las Vegas, Lavo allows all patrons to sit down without investing in bottle service. This is a huge plus in my book because there isn’t anything more unpleasant than finding a spot to lean and trying not to spill your cocktail in a crowded club wearing heels!

As you enter the club there is a main bar to the left and a mini casino at the backside of the lounge. One of my favorite aspects of the decor happens to be the bookshelves flanking the walkway past the main bar. Each shelf is full of neat antique treasures. From human skulls, poison bottles, old typewriters and even a phonograph. It is eye candy reminiscent of a Disney attraction.

While the club gets good marks for it’s cozy ambiance, drinks are on the high end. A 16 oz Bud Light will run you $9 plus tip. Hard to plunk that down when Alberson’s sells them for $1 a piece! To add insult to injury, the bartenders can be a bit brash and lacked suggestions for drink ideas when asked.

If cocktails are what you crave Lavo offers several specialty options to choose from but they will cost you.

On our first visit I was given a $15 drink voucher and managed to try the only cocktail on the menu to fit the bill, the Lavolini.

Served in a champagne flute, the Lavolini pairs Zonin Prosecco, St. Germain and Passion Fruit. The drink was poured in layers which made for a pretty presentation but the flavor was not well balanced. Prosecco is generally a dry sparkling wine and Zonin was no exception. Having tried St. Germain on it’s own, I had expected the overly sweet liqueur to help mellow out the dry Prosecco but it didn’t. The passion fruit was nice but also on the bitter side. The fruit reminded me of freshly squeezed orange juice; sweet but bitter.

It’s been a while since trying the drink but I recall the taste getting better towards the bottom of the glass. Perhaps that was where the St. Germain was hiding? All and all it wasn’t a bad cocktail by any means but for $15 I would have liked a drink that was more balanced and enjoyable throughout. Maybe I’ll try it at home and see what comes about.

If you are ever in Las Vegas and want to try out a night club with a sophisticated side, check Lavo out.