The Apparent Cocktail

Apr 24, 2017

I’ll admit it, we had the pleasure of enjoying the Apparent Cocktail early. We couldn’t just sit around and not enjoy a cocktail or three while we waited to make our way down south for missing ingredients 🙂 Plus, the Apparent has some of our favorite spirits all in one 3 ounce cocktail glass, and we just couldn’t resist!!!

Now that I’ve gotten my confession for the day out of the way let me share with you the wonder that is the Apparent Cocktail.

The base spirits involve equal parts Gin and Creme de Cacao. Oddly, this is one recipe that has not been supersized on Mr. Boston’s website. To add an element of licorice delight, the Apparent calls for a dash (roughly 1/4 tsp) of Absinthe.

While one could consider this to be an unusual pairing, the sweetness of the Creme de Cacao enhances the herbs of both the Gin and Absinthe. I’m sure it won’t be a shock to anyone who has been following our journey thus far but we mixed this cocktail up using our Gin No.6 and homemade Absinthe along side Drillaud Creme de Cacao.

A Dash of Absinthe

In putting this post together I Googled Apparent Cocktail and was surprised to find that the recipe has morphed into what Mr. Boston’s 1935 has named the Appetizer No.2 – it’s funny how things change over 82 years 🙂 I’ll talk in length about the Appetizer No.2 tomorrow.

Back to the Apparent… Though the recipe doesn’t say so, I think this drink should be chilled. Absinthe in particular can warm up a drink if not properly chilled. Initially I didn’t want to dilute this cocktail but Ryan noticed that the quantity of liquor would be rather small in a 3 ounce glass so we decided to shake this mixture over ice to bulk the drink up.

I thought we had acquired a good selection of glasses so far and was surprised to find that I don’t seem to have a proper 3 ounce cocktail glass 🙁 I’ll have to dig around the four dusty boxes of inherited china out in the garage and see if I have a glass that fits for later posts. In the meantime, we decided our recently found 3 ounce coupe would work well for the Apparent Cocktail and the series of Appetizer cocktails to follow.

While only a dash, the delightful sweet anise aroma of the Absinthe is very prominent in the Apparent Cocktail. The juniper and herbs in the Gin are at the forefront of the drink and the sweetness of the Creme de Cacao brings everything together. The final drink is a lovely pale green from the mixture of Absinthe and yellow tone of our homemade compound Gin. I think chilling was a good call as the flavor would be a bit too much if there wasn’t some ice cold H2O mixed in. All and all, the Apparent is a refreshing after dinner drink and would be quite enjoyable on the warm Summer nights to come.