The Bronx Cocktail Dry and the Sugar Factory

Jul 12, 2017

The night got away from me again as Ryan and I made our way down to The Strip to sip cocktails with friends from out of town.

Our friends wanted to go to the newest Sugar Factory location in town. Though this wasn’t our first time to the land of everything sweet, it was the first time we had the opportunity to try out two of their signature Goblet cocktails.

I don’t know if it’s my improved knowledge of craft cocktails, my lack of interest in hard candy or that I’ve lost my sweet tooth along the way but these drinks were pretty bad. Please excuse me as I get on my soap box for a moment and retell the night’s adventure.

The first and last time we made our way to the Sugar Factory was back in March. For the new location’s grand opening celebration, our friend Shorty Rossi was invited to dine celebrity style and meet up with the musician Pit Bull. Ryan and I joined Shorty for the evening and we all enjoyed our rounds of sweet Martini’s. While Ryan and I sipped on Caramel Macchiato Martini’s, Shorty had 2 rounds of the Mint Chocolate variety. We were all pleased with the drinks. They were sweet but enjoyable. More like desert in a glass.

Tonight my friends jumped head first into two 60 ounce monster cocktails. Both Goblets arrive filled with ice and adorned with gummy candies matching each cocktails flavor profile. The server than pours the drink into the glass and a layer of dried ice at the base of the massive glasses is activated creating a spectacular mist to rise from the glass. It is quite lovely as it should be for $38 each!

One friend ordered the Watermelon Mojito, the other the Berry Bliss.

Berry Bliss

I was so caught up in conversation that I forgot to take a picture of the drinks! Here’s a quick snap shot of the menu to illustrate what a Sugar Factory Goblet looks like.

Now I know this is a candy themed cocktail bar. I realize the drinks are supposed to be sweet, but common! The watermelon nightmare seemed to be comprised of Jolly Rancher candies soaked in Rum. It was ungodly sweet and when everyone passed on helping drink the 60 oz’s, the glass was left on the table 3/4 of the way full.

The Berry Bliss was equally sweet and so unnatural tasting that it was sent back and replaced with an Ocean Blue Goblet. The color of the replacement was a beautiful ocean blue and had adorable gummy sharks on top of the ice. That is where the good parts of the drink began and ended. It too was abandoned mostly untouched ūüôĀ

Now for Ryan and I, we wanted to stay in the desert martini arena since it worked well for us last time. But wanting to be adventurous, I tried a German Chocolate Cake and Ryan dared to go the Peanut Butter route. Like everything on the Strip, sometimes you win, and sometimes you loose!

I have no real complaints about the German Chocolate Cocktail, it was sweet but had a nice balance of coconut. Would I pay $17 for another? Probably not.

Now Ryan’s Peanut Butter Cup Martini was something special, and I don’t mean that in a good way.

The chocolate swirled Martini glass was very nice looking but as you gaze to the rim of the drink, it appeared that a poo-flinging primate had, how do I say this delicately… decorated the glass with his backside?

The edge was smeared with sweet Peanut Butter and it wasn’t pretty.

From there, the drink got worse… described as “a celebration of one of the¬†most well-known duets,” poor Ryan did not expect his cocktail to be chunky.

It was thick, grossly so and I’m not really sure why Ryan opted to stay the course and finish it rather than send it back. I think it may have been because the server was having a rough night with our table as it was and he wanted to spare the poor man any more headaches. Either way, the Peanut Butter Cup was a no go for us. Lesson of the night, sometimes you should stick with what you know.

All said, it was a $41 mistake that we won’t be reliving soon. We had a great time catching up with friends and in the end, that is all that matters.

Back at home I was excited to be able to enjoy a proper cocktail. Tonight’s Mr. Boston’s recipe was the second Bronx themed installment titled, The Bronx Cocktail (dry).

This Bronx specifically requested muddled fresh fruit so we stopped off at Albertson’s on the way back to the house. The only orange colored Orange was the organic Naval variety, I think citrus season has come to an end. Thankfully, we found one that worked.

Not wanting a whole pineapple to go to waste before our trip next week, Ryan meticulously made a ring from the frozen pineapple chunks we had on hand.

Not wanting a whole pineapple to go to waste before our trip next week, Ryan meticulously made a ring from the frozen pineapple chunks we had on hand.

Ryan let me get started on what has become quite the rant as he prepared the cocktail for me. What a great guy!

I must say, the Bronx Cocktail (dry) makes up for a lack luster cocktail evening. Where I liked last night’s Bronx Cocktail, I think I love tonight’s dry version!

After muddling three orange slices and one pineapple slice together, this 1935 recipe calls for the addition of 3/4 ounce of Gin and 3/4 ounce of French Vermouth. Ryan used the Dolin’s Vermouth and our homemade botanical Gin No.6 blend and I must say, these ingredients work perfectly¬†together!

Now Leo Cotton noted that “the fruit if preferred, may be transferred into the glass.” Ryan followed this step but as I sip, I think it would be nicer with less texture. Boozy pineapple is great and all, but I think I might have omitted the extra fruit next time around.

Until tomorrow, Cheers!