Apple Pie Cocktail Mr. Boston's 1935 Recipe

The Apple Pie Cocktail, Hold the Apple

Mr. Boston’s is at it again! The next recipe is called The Apple Pie but the darn thing doesn’t use a lick of Apple Liquor. I’m beginning to wonder if Leo Cotton edited this book whilst perpetually drunk 🙂 Why is Apricot Nectar the main ingredient in a drink called Apple Pie? I’ve racked my

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Applejack Extravaganza

Unlike yesterday’s recipe which lacked apple liquor, page 22 of Mr. Boston’s 1935 edition is chock-full with orchard goodness. All four recipes involve a spirit that is relatively new to us but apparently it was very popular with our forefathers. We didn’t know what to expect from Applejack, and honestly this wasn’t a page I looked

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Seeking out the Perfect Foam – The Apple Blow Fizz

The next cocktail in Mr. Boston’s 1935 edition is a full of curiosity. The Apple Blow Fizz is comprised of pretty standard ingredients but, despite its moniker, there is no Apple in sight! Rather than Apple Brandy, (which is now the spirit of choice for this drink on Mr. Boston’s website), the predominant liquor for

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Drinking Like the Queen

In an effort to catch up from our week long hiatus, Ryan and I went on a tasting spree last night. It only seemed fitting since the next four recipes in Mr. Boston’s 1935 edition all begin with the word Appetizer. Might as well keep them in a series, right? Up first was a drink I

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The Apparent Cocktail

The Apparent Cocktail

I’ll admit it, we had the pleasure of enjoying the Apparent Cocktail early. We couldn’t just sit around and not enjoy a cocktail or three while we waited to make our way down south for missing ingredients 🙂 Plus, the Apparent has some of our favorite spirits all in one 3 ounce cocktail glass, and

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The Angel Kiss Cocktail from Mr. Boston's 1935 edition

Mini Cocktails Fit for the Heavens

It is ridiculous how adorable the next round of Mr. Boston recipes are! Dubbed Angel’s Kiss, Angel’s Tip and Angel’s Wing; this series of thimble sized cocktails 3/4 ounce cocktails are simply amazing. During our journey to Southern California, we stopped in to say hi to my amazing Aunt Patty and her husband Jim in Long

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The Amer Picon Cocktail

The Amer Picon Cocktail Journey

Amer Picon will go down in the history of this Mr. Boston’s experiment as the only ingredient we could not get a hold of. Perhaps one day this French aperitif will once again grace our fair shores but for now we’d need a ticket to Europe to get the real thing. Thankfully we aren’t the

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The American Beauty Cocktail

Making An American Beauty

We tried to skip ahead to the American Beauty Cocktail a couple weeks ago but after mixing all the odds and ends I discovered the note for “a little Port Wine” at the very bottom of the description. That said, I had to practice patience and wait until we found some Port. On our drive

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Unique Liquors Needed for Mr. Boston's Experiment

Liquor Shopping Spree & The Allies Cocktail

Since Ryan and I needed to drive to Southern California to pick up a bottle of KĂĽmmel, I decided I should start a list of all the ingredients we’ll need to finish our Mr. Boston’s experiment. After skimming the book I discovered that there is a lot we still need! More than that, some of

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Popping the Bubbly

As we continue further onto the fourth page of Mr. Boston’s 1935 edition, the Alfonso Cocktail introduces a new ingredient… Champagne! In discovering that bubbly was going to play a part in this adventure, Ryan keenly noted that the wise would mark each and every champagne recipe throughout the book to try in tandem since

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