Brandy Punch

Brandy Punch From 1935

Between the internet and television, I’m beginning to think we don’t know how to party like they used to! Some of these punch recipes are serious business, chocked-full of booze and ready to serve an army. Perhaps in some cases, they did serve literal armies. Tonight’s Brandy Punch is another massive cocktail recipe. Much too

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Mr. Boston's 1935 Brandy Milk Punch Recipe

Brandy Milk Punch

Brandy Milk Punch is a new one for me, but this cocktail appears to have a long history and ties to New Orleans – double win! Have I mentioned lately how excited I am for Tales of the Cocktail? Well… I am! Today’s post only helped amp up my anticipation. Only a couple more weeks – YAY!!! At

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The Brandy Julep

The Brandy Julep

I would love to check out the Kentucky Derby one of these days. The hats alone are worth the price of admission! Beyond the fancy clothing, this race is known for it’s signature drink, the Mint Julep. Today Leo Cotton added a recipe for an Apricot Brandy version and I am so excited to try it

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The Brandy Highball

Brandy Highball

Another day, another Highball cocktail! I admit it, I’m getting bored with the Brandy. But it looks like after today’s low-ABV recipe the drinks get a bit more lively – YAY! On par with the other Highball recipes that have graced Mr. Boston’s 1935 cocktail book, the Brandy version offers the choice of mixing 1

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Brandy Gump

The Brandy Gump

Today’s Mr. Boston’s recipe sounded rather tart. In hopes of discovering an alternate recipe, I discovered that no other cocktail by the name Brandy Gump seems to exist. Without another option, I mixed up the jigger of Brandy, juice of a lemon and 2 dashes of Grenadine. Sipping it slowly,  I tried to figure out

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The Brandy Flip Cocktail

17th Century Brandy Flip

Today’s Mr. Boston’s recipe, the Brandy Flip, is all over the place. While I think the name was originally intended to describe the preparation of the drink, the amount of flip flopping this cocktail recipe has undergone over the years is impressive! I did my best to delve into the Flip before my morning coffee

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The Brandy Fizz Cocktail

The Brandy Fizz

Sixteen years ago today Ryan and I tied the knot. To celebrate we stopped by a 90’s themed party at Artifice Urban Lounge last night. Though we were married in 2001, Ryan and I started dating my last year of high school in 1997. That means we’ve been together now long than we’ve been apart!

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Brandy Fix Cocktail

The Brandy Fix

Of the many cordial liqueurs the Mr. Boston brand advertises in their 1935 cocktail book, Curaçao is not among them. This could explain why Jerry Thomas’ 1887 Brandy Fix was transformed from orange to cherry. What the ‘fix’ is supposed to repair seems to be a mystery that leaves the door open for interpretation. Could

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Brandy Daisy Cocktail

The Brandy Daisy

The Brandy continues to flow… umm, maybe that should be more like flood. We are entering day six of this spirit with no end in sight. Over the next 17 days (that’s right nearly a month long Brandy feast!) Ryan and I will be drinking our way through: Daisy’s, Egg Nogg, Fix, Fizz, Flip, Gump’s, Highball’s,

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