The Cold Deck Cocktail from 1935

The closest connection between the name of tonight’s Mr. Boston’s cocktail recipe and the era with which the drink originated is a movie from 1917 titled “The Cold Deck.” Starring William Surrey Hart, a popular silent movie star of the time, the Cold Deck appears to involve a gambler who is looking to raise money

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The Cognac Highball

The Cognac Highball Cocktail

Our first taste of the impending Holiday rush overtook my Mr. Boston’s blog series. I expected this might happen but, I didn’t anticipate missing so many days in a row 🙁 The #holidayseason is officially underway! 40 feet of glass just arrived today. A post shared by Bootleg Botanicals (@bootlegbotanicals) on Sep 24, 2017 at

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Mr. Boston's Coffee Cocktail No.2

Two Coffee Cocktails Without Coffee

Like the Apple Pie and Chocolate Cocktails of past Mr. Boston’s recipes from 1935, the Coffee Cocktail No.1 and No.2 are devoid of the namesake ingredient. Since I have fallen behind on this blog experiment as of late, I decided to mix up both recipes last night. I figured one could be enjoyed by Ryan

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Club Cocktail

The Club Cocktail

Aside from the Clover Club recipe, the oldest references to a “Club” Cocktail I was able to uncover, were found in Hon WM Boothby’s 1908 “World’s Drinks and How to Mix Them.” The drinks outlined by Mr. Boothby were in relation to specific club activities such as the Racquet Club . Each recipe was also

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The Clover Leaf Cocktail from 1935

I have the best husband in the world! To commemorate my Mr. Boston’s series, Ryan found and purchased me a first edition print of my 1935 cocktail book. My book arrived today in near perfect condition. Any imperfections this 82 year old book has appear to be the result of the way books were printed

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Classic Cocktail Vintage Recipe

The Classic Cocktail

A late night at the office and a bouncy puppy caused another delay with my Mr. Boston’s cocktail series. Lord knows this ought to get interesting as the holiday’s roll around. I hope everyone will forgive me it I need to take a night off here and there. Nightly blogging is quite the challenge! I

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the clover club cocktail

The Clover Club Cocktail

The Classic Cocktail required lemon juice. Sadly, we did not have another lemon in the house 🙁 In order to not take another zero day in the series, Ryan and I decided to skip over to the Clover Club Cocktail and revisit the Classic tomorrow. The earliest record I was able to locate for the

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The Claridge Cocktail

Despite sounding amazing, the Claridge Cocktail almost didn’t happen last night. Thankfully Ryan helped me out by mixing this lovely cocktail and taking the photos. Unfortunately, I was still feeling under the weather and couldn’t bring myself to write about the drink. Better late than never I guess. I cheated a little in researching this recipe and

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Claret Punch

Claret Punch

Trying to clean with an un-potty trained, teething puppy makes the process take 10 times longer. Attempting to write while teething puppy nips at you is nearly impossible! Harvey is lucky we love him so much 🙂 He is currently a category 3 hurricane. With all the distraction, I find myself getting around to tonight’s

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The Claret Cup Cocktail from 1935

The Claret Cup

Last night left me so tired that I was unable to keep my eyes open long enough to share the Claret Cup with all of you. In fact, I was too tired to drink at all and found myself tucked into bed around 10 PM. That is highly unusual in our house 🙂 Ryan, Harvey

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